Daeyeon Co., Ltd., a leader in the sports distribution industry

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As a leader in the retail industry since its foundation in 1995, Daeyeon Co., Ltd. has been strengthening its capabilities to further contribute the development of the domestic retail industry.

  • 2021 was a time of challenge and balance for Daeyeon.
    Despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Daeyeon achieved a 16% jump in sales growth without losing its identity and values.
    We practiced more sharing with the hope
    that everyone can overcome it together.
    As a social enterprise moving forward together,
    we will fulfill our responsibilities and develop together.

    1. 2021 Government Award for Job Creation Contribution Presidential Award
    2. Join a prestigious company to share the Community Chest of Korea
    3. Join the Grand Red Cross Major Donation Club (RCSV)
    4. Opened The Hyundai Seoul, Shinsegae Art & Science
    5. Renewal open of Galleria Center City, Galleria Jinju, Shinsegae Uijeongbu, Seongnam Sinheung, Anseong
  • Despite the COVID-19 situation in 2020, we continued to share the best experience and energy with our customers and made efforts to share warmth with our neighbors in need.
    These efforts have led to achieve a 11% increase in sales growth despite difficult circumstances, and we will continue to maintain the balance between sharing and growth.

    1. Opened the world's largest Jordan store (Jordan Seoul)
    2. Began partnership with Galleria Department Store
    3. Opened the largest Nike store in Korea (Daegu Shinsegae)
    4. Research & business cooperation with the Department of Industrial Design, Hongik University
    5. Launched WE:DO (a community that combines culture and CSR)
  • Sales exceeded 200 billion won in 2018 and Daeyeon began to accelerated their leap into a global company that shares the best experiences and energy, based on the establishment of values for the company’s sustainability

    1. Certificate of Human Resource Development (BEST HRD)
    2. Awarded the Korea Distribution Award (Minister of Commendation)
    3. Bucheon University Industry-University Cooperation Award
    4. Declaration of Value
    5. Received a plaque of appreciation for donations from Bucheon City Hall
    1. President Award of Small andMedium Business (distribution/service)
    2. Presidential Award for Small Business Merit (Distribution / Service)
    3. Shinsegae Job Fair
    1. Award of Best KoreanDistribution(Chairman’s Award)
    2. Opening Korea’s FirstJordan Store(Hongdae)
    3. Opening Korea’s FirstNike Sports(Timesquare)
    4. Expending Online mall expansion(CjMall, 11st, Shinsegae Mall)
    1. Certification of best institutions for humanresource development(Best HRD)
    2. Award of Best Korean Distribution(Service Innovation)
    3. Opening World’s firstNike SNKRS(Hongdae)
  • For the first time since its foundation, Daeyeon posted negative growth in 2013 due to the rapid growth of the domestic outdoor market. However, Daeyeon took advantag of this opportunity to promote internal management and create a new culture for Daeyeon.

    1. Award for Best Taxes(Ministry of Economy and Finance)
    1. Award of Best Korean Distribution(Small and Medium store distribution)
    1. MainBiz Certification(Business Innovation)
    2. Award of Small and Medium Enterprises Quality
    1. Introduction of E-Learning(Step-by-step training)
    2. Implementation of mystery shoppers
    3. Opening SSG Uijeongbu,LF Square store
    4. Research & business cooperation with the Department of Textile Business & Fashion Design, Bucheon University
    5. Bucheon FC : Continuous sponsorship since 2012
    1. Declaration of Vision
    2. Opening Siheung, 3 Newcoreand 1 Homeplus store
  • Since 2008, Daeyeon has made a leap into SMEs through system management efficiency management (ISO9001)

    1. Opening SSG.COM
    2. Opening Onyang, Baksuk, Chungchun
    3. Introduction of hobby club /Opening of the Homepage
    4. Research & business cooperation with the Department of Textile Design, Hanyang University
    1. Opening 5 Newcore storesand 6 Homeplus store
    2. Opening Hakik and Timesquare store
    1. Opening 6 Newcoreand 3 Homeplus store
    2. Reinforcement of working system and benefits
    1. Certification of ISO9001
    2. Opening IsVille andSSG Jukjeon store
    1. Opening Nambucheon, Guwol,and NSW Gwangju store
    2. Implementation of employee workshopsand step-by-step training
  • Since 2004, Daeyeon has used all possible resources to establish a system as a company.

    1. Opening NSW Bupyeong,Incheon and Anyang store
    2. Enforecement of Competition for
    3. Improvement cases
    4. Introduction of sabbatical
    1. Introduction of manager workshop
    2. Introduction of 5S system(Environmental management)
    1. Introduction of I-POS and CRM program
    1. Opening SSG Incheon and Yeongdeongpo store Expansion of Logistics warehouse (50py)
    2. Introduction of Store Operation Training
  • For about 10 years from 1995 to 2004, Daeyeon studied and experienced Korean and global distribution through Nike Business.

    1. Opening Department / KyungbangPil Department Store
    2. Introduction of refilled sales system
    1. Establishment of Daeyeon / Opening Bukbucheon store
    2. Established Daeyeon Co., Ltd.