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It is a person who moves a company and controls a business.
We will continue to innovate for our members’ growth.

    A man who drives productivity with the highest expertise in his/her field.
    A man of human morality and cooperation with others.
    A man who seeks change with initiative and flexibility.

Capacity building training by class

  • Conduct a Leadership Workshop.
    Gain unified thinking and leadership skills.
  • Special Lecture on leadership.
    Self-examination through special lecture by distinguished students and education by region.
  • Leadership Process
    Provide leadership skills training to foster executive/managers/next generation executives
  • Promotion education
    Training on the promotion executives and those who win will be conducted.
  • Cast study about success and failure.
    Sharing business know-how and building knowledge-based management system through case sharing.
  • Training for new employees (rookie)
    Provide OJT training to members of employees within 3 months.

Daeyeon College course

  • Daeyeon MBA Course
    Training for the development of next-generation executives and team leaders
  • Daeyeon College / Graduate course
    Training for key talent and capacity building

Evaluation system

We operate a performance-oriented personnel system based on performance and competence, not seniority.
In line with the trend of global competition, Daeyeon rewards performance, not seniority.
Change to a more flexible organization through performatism, and become a leading company.

  • Attitude

    Securing transparency and fairness through two-way communication such as goal setting evaluation feedback.

  • Provide and support active opportunities to improve employees’ capabilities
    Accurate final assessment of the process and outcome of performance.

  • Promotion

    Formal, informal coaching
    (Praise, reward, recognition)


  • Employee discount
    Nike discount
  • Children’s education support
    High school tuition support
  • Condo
    Condos support
  • Sabbatical leave
    Rewards for long-term employees
  • Family events support
    Vacation and financial aide related to family events support
  • Self-development
    Support only for the skills required at work
  • Hobby club
    Support for club activities and supplementary expenses.